AI World Equity Fund


The AI World Equity Fund uses cutting-edge, proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning to construct and manage a portfolio of global equities. The methodology has delivered returns almost double of that of the MSCI World Index since inception. The AI selects a buy list for the manager based on the daily analysis of thousands of company specific and macroeconomic variables. Stocks are sold as the AI program recommends. The fund invests in the global large cap market and aims to outperform the MSCI World Index.

The AI World Equity Fund


The fund aims to produce medium to long term capital growth by outperforming the MSCI World Index


The fund uses artificial intelligence to create a focused portfolio of global large cap equities


The fund operates under the EU UCITS V rules providing transparency and liquidity


The fund works actively with financial advisers to provide support with client-facing events and other marketing activities